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The HC/XXLWV300 is designed to enable simultaneous entry for two people into the food production or processing room and combines the functions of hand washing, hand drying and hand sand sole sanitation upon entering the plant by two dedicated entrance lanes.

A dedicated exit lane allows people to timely leave the processing room and is complete with two horizontally mounted brushes and three vertical mounted brushes for cleaning the soles and sides of the user’s footwear.

Operational Design

The operator steps up on to either of the two entrance lanes on the machine where a sensor detects their presence and illuminates the light in the hand sanitation chamber and then initiates the rotation of the brushes.

The simultaneous insertion of both hands inside the first chamber activates a pump which sprays the chosen soap onto the operator’s hands allowing the user to rub their hands together to agitate the soap, after a short delay water is then sprayed on to the operators’ hands allowing them to rinse off the soap, the operator then dries their hands within the automatic Dyson™ air blade that is mounted on the machine.

The operator then moves to the second set of chambers where the hands are inserted, and the customers chosen sanitizer solution is sprayed on to their hands. While the operator is sanitizing their hands, they also pass over two horizontally mounted brushes which cleans the soles of their footwear.

As soon as the hand sanitation cycle is completed the turnstile will unlock and allow the person to pass through the hygiene station into the production area. as they pass through the turnstile, three vertically mounted brushes clean the sides of the operator’s footwear.

Upon leaving the production area the operator steps on to the dedicated exit lane of the hygiene station where a sensor detects their presence and unlocks the turnstile allowing them to leave the production area.

Safety Features

Our range of hygiene stations are designed with safety in mind, an emergency stop push button is mounted on the machines column to cut the machines operation within an emergency situation, a reset pushbutton is installed to ensure that the machine is safe to start operation.

The steps on each are non-slip stainless steel, handrails are on either the left or right side of the machine for the operator to steady themselves on while walking over the sole washer machine.

Sanitary Design

As with all our equipment our Hygiene entrance stations are built using hygienic principles in mind, the brushes can be easily removed without the use of tools by simply lifting the stainless-steel cover and sliding it off the motor cam.

The construction of the machine is manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel, surfaces are radiused, so water drains easily form the frame.

The chemical is stored within the compartment of the machine.

Choosing a Chemical or Sanitizer

CM Process Solutions does not specify chemicals for our range of boot washers, sole washers or hygiene stations, nor unlike some of our competitors does our warranty obligate you to buy chemicals from us in order to receive spare parts or support.

We understand that each application is unique, and we fully believe that there is no one who understands your needs better than you, the customer and your current chemical supplier.

Triple Lane
304 Stainless Steel
Chemical Auto Dosing
HMI Controlled
Adjustable Times
Boot Scrub
Chemical Storage
Hand Sanitize
Sensor Operated
Sole Scrub
Turnstile Access
Water Saving
Hand Drying
Shoe Scrub
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