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About Cm Process Solutions

CM Process Solutions is a market leader in the innovation of stainless steel hygiene, lifting and dumping, and industrial washing equipment for the food processing and other hygiene-conscious industries.

Whatever your requirements, large or small, CM Process Solutions’ dedicated team of engineers, sales, and service associates can provide you, our valued customer, with the assistance you need, from custom-made equipment to standard products and solutions.

We work closely with you and your team to develop a design that is unique to your processing needs.

Our History

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We’re dedicated to the food industry and have decades of combine experience within our team.
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Our Valuable Customers

We are proud to work with industry leaders within food production. We'll always aim to build partnerships based around the need to improve and be more than just an equipment supplier.

Discuss your requirements with a specialist

Sometimes it can be more effective to talk through your requirements, fulfilling a solution rather than identifying products of interest. We can work around your schedule by booking a consultation with the right specialist on our team. Clients often use this service to patch us into planning meetings for our point of view. Others prefer to talk through projects or specific needs, in order to jointly work out some workable solutions.

Let us know your preferred time and a basic outline of your area of interest and we’ll assign the right person in our team to you.
Market leaders in North America for the innovation of stainless steel hygienic equipment. We supply changing room equipment, hygiene stations, production essentials, material handling lifters and dumpers, processing equipment and industrial washing systems. Our customers are predominantly within the food processing and hygiene-conscious industries.
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101 Tierney Way
Winchester, KY 40391



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